Science for All

Science for All

Knowledge transfer takes place in a wide variety of institutions and with different methods: The first House of Science in Germany opened in Bremen in 2004. Since then, there have been various activities and institutions, networks and groups that have been working to bring science to as many people as possible.


In addition to these places of science, such as the Science Floor in the Bildungsforum in Potsdam, libraries and museums, for example, have been places of knowledge transfer for centuries. In the following, you will find institutions that welcome you to lectures or hands-on experiments, inviting you on an exciting journey into the world of knowledge.

Biosphäre Potsdam GmbH

In the adventure world, guests discover the tropical rainforest up close and explore the impressive flora, exotic fauna and unique climate in a playful way.


Georg-Hermann-Allee 99 | 14469 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 55074 0

Extavium – Getting a Grip on Science

With its interactive exhibition and many various workshops the Extavium offers an outside-the-classroom-experience for anybody who is or wants to become interested in the natural sciences.


Am Kanal 57 | 14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 601 279 59

German Culture Forum for Central and Eastern Europe

The German Culture Forum for Eastern Europe is committed to communicating German culture and history of Central and Eastern Europe.



Berliner Straße 135 | Haus K1 | 14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 20098-45



Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte

The HBPG is an exhibition and event house with the future Brandenburg.Ausstellung, the Brandenburg.Werkstatt as a space for special projects and workshops and the Brandenburg.Studio as a participatory area.


Am Neuen Markt 9 | 14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 620 85 50

Museum of Natural Science Potsdam

Connecting people with the fauna of Brandenburg due to research, collection, and communication.


Breite Straße 13 | 14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 289 6707

Stiftung Gedenkstätte Lindenstraße

The Lindenstrasse Memorial Site bears witness to the history of political persecution and violence under the dictatorships in 20th century Germany. It is also a testament to the victory of democracy.


Lindenstraße 54 |14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 289 61 12



Theodor Fontane Archive

The Theodor Fontane Archive at the University of Potsdam is a literary archive, a research institute and a cultural organization dedicated to Theodor Fontane (1819−1898), his time and his contemporaries.


Villa Quandt, Große Weinmeisterstr. 46/47 | 14469 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
telephone: 0331 201 396

URANIA-Planetarium Potsdam

Our educational institution is an interactive space theatre using a 360°-projection of the cosmos and covering the topics astronomy and spaceflight.


Gutenbergstraße 71/72 | 14467 Potsdam
e-Mail adress:
Telefon: 0331 270 2721